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distributor Miyabi Corporation Inc.

Store Name THIRTY

Location 〒182-0012 8-18-1 Jindaiji Higashi-machi, Chofu City, Tokyo

Phone number 042-480-8000

FAX number 042-480-8004

Email Address

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Application Method/Internet
・over-the-counter sales

Application validity 3 business days
In parallel, we sell our products in stores.
If you wish to use the web payment system, please check with your Car-Life Advisor in advance.

Payment method / Bank transfer
・Payment over the counter
・credit card *50,000 yen set aside as a deposit for the purchase of the vehicle

Payment deadlineWhen using the web-based payment system, at least half of the purchase price must be cleared within 7 days from the time when the business discussion with the customer is concluded and the automobile sales contract is executed.
*Purchase price is defined as
The total amount of the contracted payment after our company clearly indicates it to the customer in a written quotation and the customer approves it before the contract is executed.

*Varies depending on the region in which the vehicle is registered and the options and warranties purchased at the customer's option.

Delivery Method

・In-store delivery or home delivery

Delivery date

・The property will be delivered upon receipt of full payment of the purchase price.
However, inspection, maintenance, registration, and additional orders must be completed prior to delivery.

*For vehicles that have not been inspected, this includes obtaining an inspection.
*Excludes commercial sales and sales in as-is condition.

Returns and Exchanges

・Due to the nature of the product, returns and refunds are not possible for any reason.

Handling of cancellations

・In principle, cancellations are not allowed during the delivery preparation process.
・If you cancel the contract before the delivery of the car without any cause, we will charge you a penalty fee including the actual cost of preparing the car for delivery.
・Please note that if you use an auto loan and cancel the loan after it has been executed, you will be charged a separate fee by the loan company.

Explanation of required fees other than the price of goods, postal money order fee
・Bank transfer fee for bank transfers

Exceptions and Notes regarding Prices and Information on the WebsiteOrders with incorrectly listed prices due to human error will be cancelled.

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