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Car Buying Tips by THIRTY


BMW320i xDrive Touring M sport

2013 year Glacier Silver

​Mileage 62,000km No repair history

THIRTY offers Japanese and imported cars, numerous models and grades.

Please refer to the following explanation with images to help you buy a car.

We believe that when buying a car, the most important thing is to find a car you will love.

After finding a car you like from a manufacturer you like, you would look at the color, mileage, year, and price of the car you are looking to buy.

"There are some cars that are the same model but priced quite differently!" Have you ever wondered why?

When you do, look at the options for that car.


Safety support devices

In recent years, most cars have been equipped with this system.

However, depending on the grade and year, it may not be equipped.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Note that this, too, is not equipped depending on the year and grade.

​The car used as an example is the "M Sport" grade, so it is also equipped with paddle shifters.

If you want paddle shifters installed, you must select the "M Sport" or "Sport" grade.

"M Sport" exclusive aluminum wheels(19-inch)

Aluminum wheel designs also differ by grade and options.

Normally, aluminum wheels for this type of car are 18-inch and have a different design.

The example car is also equipped with M Performance brakes.

If purchased as a new car, it requires 280,000 yen, so it is a bargain if purchased as a used car.

Harman Kardon Audio

This is an option that cannot be retrofitted.

There may be numerous other differences too numerous to introduce.

If you are interested in more details, please contact us.

THIRTY carefully selects and purchases cars with excellent equipment that cannot be seen at a quick glance, as described above.

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